Attention Cheer Coaches:
Letís Get Loud
at the
11th Annual Valley Athletic Conference Competition
Saturday, February 3rd, 2018
Door Opens at 8:00 AM*
Team practice time begins at 9:00 AM*
Hosted at
Maryvale High School
3415 N. 59th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85033
To participate in the competition,
email Jose Salcido or Laura Kleinknight,
*This is an estimated time only. It is subject to change based on the number of teams participating in the competition. All competing teams will be informed of practice time and competition start time by Friday, January 29th, 2016.
Competition Rules:
1. Routine maximum time limit is 2minutes 30 seconds. Timing begins on the first beat of music, voices in unison, or choreographed movement, after your team is announced on the floor.
2. Timing (at the end of the routine) will stop when your squad comes to a complete final stationary position or final beat of music. Failing to make the end of your routine clear may result in additional time being deducted.
3. Routines must include a minimum of two jumps.
4. Routines must include a minimum of one dance and one floor cheer. Routines may have multiple dances and cheers.
5. According to AACCA rules, basket tosses are prohibited from any junior high or middle school cheerleading competition.
6. According to AACCA rules, elevator tosses are prohibited from any junior high or middle school cheerleading competition.
7. According to AACCA rules, the total number of twists in a dismount from stunts cannot be greater than one rotation. The exception to this rule is side facing stunts (Arabesque, Scorpion) may add a one-quarter twist in order to cradle to the front.
††††††††††† 8. Tumbling skills that exceed one flipping rotation and/or two twisting rotations are prohibited. (No double backs, triple fulls, etc.). Multiple back handsprings and front handsprings are allowed.
††††††††††† 9. Tumbling over, under, or through a stunt, individual, or prop is not permitted. Exception: forward roll over a prop is legal.
††††††††††† 10.Tumbling with a prop is prohibited. Example: back handsprings and back tucks with poms are illegal.
11.    All other AACCA Competition Rules Apply. * See attached
12.    You may not begin your routine in a pyramid or stunt.
13.    Flags, Signs, banners, megaphones, and poms are the only props that are allowed. Mini-tramps are not allowed. All signs must evoke a crowd response using words.
14.    You will be allowed to set up poms & props prior to your start.
15.    Routines must be appropriate for family viewing. Any vulgar or suggestive movements (hip thrusting, inappropriate touching/slapping/positioning to one another, etc.) will result in a score deduction. No tear-away uniforms or removal of clothing is allowed.
16.    A penalty will be deducted from your final score for each rule infraction. The amount of the penalty depends on the severity of the infraction.
17.    Every stunt must include a spotter that is a member from the competing squad.
18.    Additional spotters are allowed if needed. These spotters can be people not on the competing squad. If you choose to have extra spotters, they are in addition to the already required member spotter of the competing squad. The extra spotters canít communicate, cheer, or give instructions to the girls while they are competing. They must remain silent.
19.    Tennis shoes must be worn while competing.
20.    Jewelry of any kind is prohibited. This includes earrings, nose, tongue and belly button rings, necklaces and pins on uniforms, etc.
*In order to make this competition as safe, the AACCA rules for competition apply. Please see the attached sheet.